TG-3_red-510x208Just a quick update on the gear front, I broke down and added a new camera to the stable.  My Olympus TG-3 arrived last week and I’ve yet to have the opportunity to put it through its paces, save for a few simple test shots around the house.

The purpose of the TG-3?  It’s waterproof.

Now granted, it’s also a point & shoot camera, lacking RAW files, and with only limited manual controls.  But it’s waterproof.  And that’s working for me right now on two different levels.

First, I’m spending a lot of time on the water these past two years, a trend that I can only see continuing.  Keeping the full m4:3 kit onboard in a Pelican case isn’t a problem most of the time, but there are instances where the conditions prevent my using it.  Maybe it’s too windy and there’s spray kicking up, or I’m out paddling in the rain, or I’m running Riverfest and am repeatedly getting soaked.  The E-M5 is staying secure in its case in any of those situations, and my only other alternative is my Canon Powershot – the “sacrificial camera” – which I’d nevertheless like to avoid sacrificing if at all possible.

So waterproof is good for conditions.

It’s also good for capturing some cool shots.  I recently joined Instagram (more on that another time) and have been really impressed by the number and quality of underwater and semi-submerged photos I’ve seen.  And I’d like to try it myself – goodness knows that in my paddle adventures, there have been a number of times that I’ve seen a submerged scene that would have made a cool photo, but I’ve been unable to capture it.

Now I can.

A few immediate points of interest:

  • the TG-3 has a “microscope mode” that supposedly lets you capture extreme closeups.  This could be cool
  • there’s a ringlight accessory for this exact purpose that’s only $30, and may also be cool
  • it comes with a Li-ion battery
  • it doesn’t come with a charger, so you have to charge it in-camera
  • Olympus sells accessory batteries and a wall charter
  • they are about $50 apiece
  • I can’t find the Wasabi brand versions in stock anywhere
  • A second battery and a wall charger are essential

More to come!

Brent Pennington is a freelance photographer and the driving force behind The Roving Photographer. When he\’s not working with portraiture or promotional clients, he’s usually in the field, hiking, or kayaking in pursuit of nature and wildlife shots.

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