BRENT PENNINGTON Sunset over Prompton Lake on the evening of 08 August 2014.

Another evening spent on the water and I’m the better for it.  Aside from coming home refreshed, with a good workout and clear mind, I came home with some great photos as well, including some nice plover action that I’ll share soon.  The second half of my paddle was just a paddle, no wildlife, but I stopped a few times for some sunset photos along the way.  

The trouble with shooting on the water is always trying to find a decent foreground subject to anchor the shots.  The kayak’s bow served in the top photo, although at f/2.8 the background falls OOF really fast, and at the wide end of the 35-100mm it barely fit.  In the photo below, the best I’ve got is the reflection in the water and, hopefully, a sense of the right-side shoreline approaching the camera.

I processed both of these with the VSCO Velvia 50 emulation, then adjusted some of the settings to taste.  Yes, it’s a rich, saturated photo.  Maybe the colors are a little unrealistic, maybe there’s too much vignette in the corners.  But right now, I’m a little tired of shooting everything “as is.”  When it comes to portraits or wildlife, there’s more need for this kind of accuracy; but with my landscapes, I don’t see any reason not to punch them up a little if that’s what pleases me, and stray farther down the artistic path.

BRENT PENNINGTON Sunset over Prompton Lake on the evening of 08 August 2014.

Brent Pennington is a freelance photographer and the driving force behind The Roving Photographer. When he\’s not working with portraiture or promotional clients, he’s usually in the field, hiking, or kayaking in pursuit of nature and wildlife shots.

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