Screenshot from B&H website

Screenshot from B&H website

43rumors posted Thursday about a great deal at B&H, where you can get both the Sigma 19mm and Sigma 30mm m4:3 lenses for the price of one. That’s right, two lenses for $199. Which is a pretty freaking awesome deal no matter how you look at it.

But it’s even more awesome because both of these lenses are f/2.8 and have a reputation for being sharp wide-open, and even more so when stopped down a little. So not only is it cheap glass, but it’s good cheap glass. And that doesn’t come around often…

On one hand, they’re both pretty close in range to my Leica 25mm f/1.4, and are both two stops slower. On the other hand, they’re cheap good glass. And I could probably resell them for more than I paid, if it came to that.  Tempting…very tempting.

But in the end I didn’t whip out the credit card.  Instead, I went over to the Nikon site, where they have a lens simulator that lets you visualize the field of view at different focal lengths.  And 38mm vs 50mm vs 60mm, the effective lengths of the Sigma lenses with my Leica 25mm in the middle, are just too close together.  Plus, it’s $200 I could put towards the Lumix 12-35mm, which covers all three, at the same aperture as the Sigmas.

So sad to say, I let this deal slip by.  But maybe for one of you, it’s just what you were looking for!

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