Bridge over Kennedy Creek at Lackawanna State Park on the afternoon of 21 October 2012.

I’ve once again spent (wasted) enough time surfing the internet to have come across some items of actual value amid the rest of the crap that’s out there. This is the stuff I feel is really worth sharing, so here’s hoping you enjoy it as much as I have.

(And as usual, the random photo above is pretty much there just to have a photo in this post.)

BTS on David Honl’s astronaut shoot – easily the most entertaining BTS video I’ve ever seen. It popped up on Strobist the other day and is well worth the shot. Most of these sort of videos are very commercial. Yeah, you might learn something, but they whole point is to try and sell you something, even if it’s just the photographer themselves. And as a result they can be rather dry, or at least very academic.

Honl’s will make you laugh. Or at least it made me laugh, and I imagine that it’d give other larger marketing departments a stroke if someone suggested they do it. (Druggie jokes in a BTS? Don’t think Canon will be trying that next.) Granted, Honl is trying to sell his gear and they plug it a few times. But then it’s over and done and the entertainment continues.

From a purely photographic standpoint, I like his final image. It has the sort of zany, almost campy look that I think plays well. People are going to give it a decent look when they see it and it will probably evoke some sort of response. But myself, I think I would have focused on shots a little earlier in the sunset than what David chose. Looking at a Martian-like landscape, I imagine more low, red light and less cool late-sunset color.


Dennis Darling in I Love Texas Photo

This is the first photographer interview where, while reading, I thought to myself, “Geeze, sounds like it’d be fun to get a beer with this guy.” Then my next thought was that, based on some of the things he was saying, he might not find me all that interesting. I worry about that sort of thing, sometimes.

At any rate, the interview with him is an interesting – and unusual – read. Darling is a far cry from the photographers who usually appear in interviews, but I think that’s a good thing. It makes him more interesting for being an outlier. And I think he’s more honest than many – some of what he says is self-depreciating and wholly without ego. He does his own thing, how and when he feels like it, and it works for him.

Plus his views on work, television, and the current state of students are humorous and align pretty well with my own. It’s a long interview, but very readable and well worth the time.

Brent Pennington is a freelance photographer and the driving force behind The Roving Photographer. When he\’s not working with portraiture or promotional clients, he’s usually in the field, hiking, or kayaking in pursuit of nature and wildlife shots.

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