Last week I was fortunate enough to be featured by NEPA Blogs as their blog of the week.  In addition to an awesome post on their site that describes my work and my websites, I also got featured on their TV segment!

I cannot even begin to tell you how rewarding it is to get to see my work – and especially my personal work – shared live like this.  I feel truly honored.  And I cannot possibly thank Harold Jenkins of NEPA Blogs enough, both for featuring me and for his kind words.  This is the sort of thing that goes well beyond making my day; it makes my entire month.

You can watch the segment here: The Roving Photographer on PA Homepage

As artists, I think we all live in hopes of one day being “discovered,” even if only by our local community.  It’s like I suddenly got that wish granted.  (And best of all, since it’s online even my mom was able to see it!)  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Brent Pennington is a freelance photographer and the driving force behind The Roving Photographer. When he\’s not working with portraiture or promotional clients, he’s usually in the field, hiking, or kayaking in pursuit of nature and wildlife shots.

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