I’ve been trying to expand my bird inventory wherever I go, but this shot was unexpected. I was having my car serviced at, shall we say, a “rural” location and I usually pass the time for the while-you-wait type of service by taking the camera and wandering around the junk cars, looking for model badges to shoot (more in another post). I had just finished shooting a Ford Maverick badge (hello, 1970’s) when I looked up and saw two wild turkeys in the field across the road. I tried to get a good shot, but with them being so wary, they quickly vanished into nearby woods.

Turkey Trot

I was about to chalk that up to missed opportunity when two other turkeys appeared much further away in the field. I strained to get this one in at the edge of the range of my Sigma 300.  Had to crop in to get a decent representation, but it was another species in the bag, so to speak. I hope to get closer the next time.

Checking with my friends in the auto service garage, I found that the birds are frequently in that field, but that the time to get them was a little earlier in the season, before the corn you see in the foreground really got going. So a little mark on the calendar for next year in late spring. Of course, I could always come back around Thanksgiving and see if there are any then…

Shot this one on “Auto” — ISO 200, 1/160 sec. at f/6.3, with some modifications to the exposure value in post and some Curves with the layer mode for the curves set to Luminosity.

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