I came across this dead leaf along the shore of Merli-Sarnoski Park’s lake last weekend. Although it’s been a dreary winter (visually speaking, that is), occasionally I’ve come across a few items worthy of sharing. I was intrigued by the combination of textures this scene presented. We have the faded-leather look of the leaf, a remnant of last year’s green on nature’s canvas. Then there are the ripples of the water, not very far above freezing at this point, as it flows past the leaf. Soon that water will warm to the swimmer’s delight, but for now, it’s only suitable for polar bear plungers (inside joke).

The leaf on Merli’s shore

Finally, we have the slight ridging in the sand itself, stirred by that cold water, but as yet unmarked by the foot traffic that will come in the months ahead. All in all, a quick tableau of winter, shot at ISO 400, 1/400 sec. @ f/5.6 at 105 mm.

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