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Nikon Ups Flash Offering – Where’s Canon?

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Word is out about Nikon’s newest Speedlight, the SB-910, which is an incremental upgrade to their already popular SB-900 that apparently addresses a few issues and implements an interface upgrade. It’s no secret that Nikon has been leading the hotshoe flash market for years, their Speedlights offering performance and features that Canon’s own Speedlite line has failed to match.

Even within the Strobist craze, which overlooks modern E-TTL features in favor of basic manual controls, outdated Nikon Speedlights are the flash of choice, while their Canon counterparts were considered lacking, at best.

All of which begs the question for Canon users, including myself – what the hell? Nikon got the SB-900, we got the 580EX II, which was essentially a spruced-up remake of the original. Where’s our 200mm zoom option? And our Light Distribution Patterns? How about a menu system that doesn’t require the manual to decode? Or, for that matter, where’s a a commander unit that’s actually up to par for complex lighting setups?

CanonRumors has posted teasers from time to time and Canon has got to be working on something new. But the waiting stinks and I can’t help but feel that Canon is already so far behind in the flash game that nothing short of a brand new, super-Speedlite will let them catch up.

In the meantime, maybe one of the geniuses in the third-party Asian flash companies will create an adapter that will let Canon users tap into the power of the Nikon Speedlight system. Stranger things have happened.  In the meantime, check out Joe McNally’s field test on the SB-910.

Brent Pennington

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1 Comment to Nikon Ups Flash Offering – Where’s Canon?

  1. December 1, 2011 at 08:05

    I’m going to hope that Canon is working on something big along the lines of a wireless (radio) E-TTL control system, where the receiver is buit into the flash and the transmitter will be initially a new ST-E2 replacement (radio based) and perhaps the transmitter eventually being integrated into the higher end cameras (which didn’t happen for the 1DX – but perhaps for the 5D3). That would be a real leap forward.

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