The ladies of Fell Charter School pose with their parking lot-proof boots in front of their new building, where the boots are no longer needed.  Photographed on the afternoon of 19 August 2011.

I’m not sure you can really reduce someone down to the color and design of their boots, but I do know that those details can tell you a lot about their owner.

These ladies spent all of last year slogging through a parking lot that was generally muddier than a cow barn.  Now that they have a new building (complete with blacktop), they figured they’d break out the boots one last time.  We shot a couple of fun, full-length shots first, but ended with this one.  After all, it’s the boots that got them through the mud, and let them keep their sense of humor.


Brent Pennington is a freelance photographer and the driving force behind The Roving Photographer. When he\’s not working with portraiture or promotional clients, he’s usually in the field, hiking, or kayaking in pursuit of nature and wildlife shots.

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