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A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Missed yesterday’s post, so I’m trying to make up for it today, with this lame ramble.  Sad truth is that I’m in the midst of a creative block these past couple of weeks.  There’s been far too little camera time, and a decided lack of motivation.  The blame falls on a mix of elements: too much external stress that saps my creativity, unusually hot weather that makes being outside miserable, and alternating days of rain and gloom.

August itself is a difficult month, as the wildlife has completed the business of arriving, nesting, mating, and most of the young-rearing.  In fact, the birds are already heading into their molt and are beginning to prepare to their fall migration.  Combined with a dry, browning landscape, and it’s easy to leave the cameras in their bag and stay inside with the air conditioning.

The good news is that I’ve got three senior portrait shoots coming up in the next three weeks, as well as a kids session, which will get me back behind the camera, working with lights, and doing the sort of photography that I love most.

So amid my random excitement and excuse making, here are a few relevant things that I do want to share:

David Hobby did a very interesting piece on “The Seven Words to Expect” when interacting with models/subjects on a shoot, and how to deal with them.  He offers some great advice for a few different situations.  Some of the ideas are things I’ve already been trying myself, while others are things I should definitely try – especially his suggestion for couple’s portraits.  If you work with people at all, this is definitely worth reading and thinking on.

Image Credit:

Last week I ditched my huge old multi-function keyboard for a sleek, wireless Logitech K360.  Thank goodness.  I can’t over-emphasize how freeing it is to be wireless, and 30% smaller.  It features chicklet-style keys, much likes the ones on my netbook, which may not appeal to everyone.  But I can already say that it’s comfortable, great to type on, and has excellent connectivity.  I sprang for a new mouse at the same time, to take advantage of their Unifying Receiver ability, wherein several compatible devices can utilize the same tiny USB receiver.  (Logitech is currently running an exchange program as well, where mailing in one of their old devices will get you 20% off your purchase through their online store, which I took advantage of.)

Building off this, I’m in the market for a new computer desk.  I bought a small one from Wal-Mart when I moved to PA; the size is right, but it’s proven to be a piece of shit that’s now falling apart.  Big surprise.  So in the coming weeks I’ll be making my first -ever trek to Ikea, which I’m looking forward to greatly.  Mandy has a whole list of furniture she wants us to look at, but my primary goal is a new desk.  And a photo gear cabinet.  And any good props I come across.  I can already sense that this will get expensive…

Image Credit: Canon USA

On a final note, I’m ditching the point & shoot.  Again.  I’ve gone up and down this road a few times, but the fact remains that anytime I own a point & shoot, I hardly use it.  My current PowerShot has spent 98% of this year sitting on a shelf with dead batteries.  The few times I have used it, I’ve been disappointed with the images.  I see no reason to keep it around, so it’s going on eBay.  Instead, I’ll be carrying the 400D and a single lens with me when I want to travel “light.”  Lately, that’s been the Sigma 30mm.  Hopefully this is the last time that I’ll fall sucker to the P&S laziness bug.

Some real posts with actual photograph coming soon!


Brent Pennington

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2 Comments to A Day Late and a Dollar Short

  1. August 30, 2011 at 10:23

    Which mouse did you get? I just bought the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX and it works like a champ. I will have to check out that keyboard as well.

    Funny thing about the P&S cameras — you’re getting rid of yours and I just ordered one and a Nikon, at that!

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