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Monthly Archives: August, 2011

Queen Bee

Overlooking the fact that this is a terrible photograph, it’s still something I wanted to share, for it’s naturalistic importance.  This is from the bee hut at the Harford Fair, where a hive is on display in a plexiglass enclosure to show the whole social aspect that most of us never get to see.  It’s fascinating to […]

Harford Fair 2011

With the end of summer drawing near, it’s that wonderful time of year again – fair season!  This year was the 154th Harford Fair (although I’ve only been there for about 8 of those years); I spent last Friday evening there, making my usual visit on rodeo night.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get there until later […]

Throwing a Car into a Senior Session

Partway through Wednesday’s senior portrait session with Lauren, she mentioned that she had a new car, and was absolutely in love with it.  Her question: “Can I take some photos with it?”  Of course my answer was, “Sure!” Now full disclosure, I’ve never done any automotive shooting before, although I’ve read about it a few […]

Run Ragged

Did a shoot with these little gals a few nights back and they ran me ragged.  I’m more used to working with an older crowd, mostly mid-teens to adults, so this was a big change.  Working with kids was fun, but they really keep you racing just to keep up.  Since their attention span is […]

Simple Clicks – Boots

I’m not sure you can really reduce someone down to the color and design of their boots, but I do know that those details can tell you a lot about their owner. These ladies spent all of last year slogging through a parking lot that was generally muddier than a cow barn.  Now that they […]

I’m on a horse!

Yep, that’s me, on a horse.  Second time in almost 26 years, which is rather sad for a kid who grew up watching John Wayne movies.  At any rate, this was last Saturday night and I’m just now able to walk normally again.  (If you’ve ever ridden a horse, you know what this means.) Which […]

Simple Clicks – Shoreline Sunrise

A final shot from Friday’s sunrise outing, and something a little different.  This shot came out of the camera upside down.  Why?  Because that’s how I shot it, with the tripod’s center column reversed and the camera mounted with the hotshoe only inches above the ground.  Perspective changes everything; I’d been shooting at standing height […]

Saturday Light – Clergy Portrait

Welcome to another edition of Saturday Light, where I’ve abandoned the cheerleaders and senior portraits in favor of a more traditional shot on the other end of the spectrum: a portrait of Father Roberts.  This was just the latest shoot in my year-long project providing assistance and consultation to my good friend Paul as we […]

Simple Click – Unexpected Visitor

Still at Bullhead Bay when I stumbled across this little guy.  As near as I can tell, he’s a Spotted Sandpiper, although this time of year makes IDs harder, since mating season is long over and some species are already into their molt.  My limited experience with shore birds doesn’t help; although they’re fairly common […]

The Shots I Did Get

So while Paul was capturing John the Heron in flight, this is what I was setting up to shoot – the dock at Bullhead Bay, which is a perennial favorite of mine.  Combine it with quick-moving fog hovering low over the water, and some intense purple pre-sunset light, and it was well worth the 5am […]

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