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It’s old news by now, but I still wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to the end of an era.  With the close of 2010 the last roll of Kodachrome was developed, and the developing machine itself is slated to be scrapped.

The New York Times has an excellent article on it that’s well worth the read: For Kodachrome Fans, Road Ends at Photo Lab in Kansas

I regret never having shot a roll Kodachrome.  Although I worked with film for several years, 98% of what I shot was B&W.  From a practical standpoint, I didn’t have any real need for slide film – but as a photographer, I feel that I should have done it anyway, just for nostalgia’s sake.

The film vs. digital debate is long over; digital is here to stay and film will be entirely gone within another decade.  But I still maintain that despite the clear advantages of digital, with the loss of film, photography has lost an element of romance.

So as I ran some errands this afternoon, I played Paul Simon on my iPod – and everything does look worse in black & white.

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