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At any given time I’ve got around 30 blogs on my radar – blogs that I find interesting, blogs with good information, blogs that have posts I want to be able to easily return to.  The list is a bit diverse – I’ve got some big name photogs on there that I like to follow (like Moose and McNally); I’ve got some semi-pro and hobbiest photogs as well, folks I’ve often “met” over the internet and like to keep up with.  Some relate back to other interests, like birds and natural science.  And of course there are a few that are just for fun.

The point is, I’ve got them all loaded into my Google Reader page, where I can keep an eye on them during the day without having to travel all over the net.  It’s an easy way to keep track of new posts, but also to keep track of things that I’ve marked for future reference.  And that’s exactly what I do – any time I see something interesting, something inspirational, I mark it with a star so I can pull it up later.

According to my Net-guru girlfriend, this is just the start of effective online networking.  Share what you’re reading, look at the lists of people with similar tastes, and most importantly, leave comments (meaningful comments, of course – not just “Kilroy was here.”)

So since it might be useful or interesting to some of you, here’s my Reader list:

Audubon Guides


C. Tyson Photography

Camrea Guy Zack

Canon Rumors

Chip Notes-eBird Buzz

Confessions of a Photographer

Get Rich Slowly

Glimpses of Soul Photography

Hyperbole and a Half

Joe McNally’s Blog

John Robert Pennington

Kevin Dobler

Lighting Rumors

Moose Peterson’s Website

My Quill Pen

DPReview News

Paul Souders|WorldFoto

Pennington Studio


QH Photography Blog

RCAS Birding Journal

Redux Pictures

Round Robin



Style Me Pretty

The Glob

From the list, I want to call out a few in particular that I find to be outstanding:

Audubon Guides: easily the best natural science blog I’ve found, with posts that are both interesting and well written.  A fun way to learn a little about different aspects of nature.

Joe McNally’s Blog: call me a fanboy if you must, but McNally’s the king, and he shares a lot of really helpful info, not to mention sheer inspiration value. Lisa doesn’t post often lately, but many of her older posts are excellent examples of fun, creative portraiture and lighting.

Paul Souders|WorldFoto: Paul is an incredible travel photog, although his posts are sporadic at best.  But when they do appear, they’re all too often bitingly funny and have the sort of images that most of us wish we could take.

Redux Pictures: want to see what kinds of photos are getting published in major newspapers and magazines?  Redux is the place to see it.  There’s some great work featured, and it helps you keep a finger on the publishing pulse.

If you know of any others (or think I should know about your own blog), post a comment!

Brent Pennington

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3 Comments to On Blogrolls & Inspiration

  1. December 8, 2010 at 12:43

    That’s a pretty awesome list you’ve got there, sir!


  2. December 11, 2010 at 20:04

    I had heard of Google Reader a while back, and never took the time to see how it could save me some time. Thanks for this post, now I know why I should begin using it!

    • Brent Pennington's Gravatar Brent Pennington
      December 12, 2010 at 18:48

      I find it hugely useful to have all the blogs I follow in one place – much easier, say, than looking each up daily. Reader also has the ability to make lists/groups, so you can organize things to your liking.

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