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Downtown at Dusk

Took a trip downtown in between rain showers tonight.  When I say it that way it sounds kind of impressive – downtown, like the Sinatra song or something.  But I’m not going to knock Scranton, which actually has a really nice downtown that the city has worked hard to clean up and make successful.

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The courthouse square is especially nice and I’ve long wanted to get a nice shot of it.  I’ve tried a few times without ever really capturing the look I wanted.  Tonight the elements came together; maybe it was the gloomy blue sky, or the fresh wash of rain, but whatever the reason, it looked great.This is a photomerge composed of six images, shot handheld with the Powershot SX120.  The perspective is a little off, despite using the “Perspective” option during the merge, followed by a manual adjustment with the transform tool.  It would probably take a tilt-shift lens to completely overcome it, but it’s not too bad overall.

I shot these in Av mode, f/2.8, ISO 400, handheld with shutter speeds down around 1/10 (thank goodness for IS).  As usually happens when I’m shooting the P&S, my brain stopped working – the results would have been more consistent in M, but despite that oversight, it worked out.

I’ve found that I enjoy panoramas/photomerges, but I lack the patience to work with a tripod and nodal point gear, which means that I shoot most of them handheld.  I try to keep the top and bottom of each frame in line, with a 30% overlap between frames.  It usually works out well.

Brent Pennington

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1 Comment to Downtown at Dusk

  1. Marie Pennington's Gravatar Marie Pennington
    October 7, 2010 at 10:24

    It’s really nice. I want to see a full moon with a witch in front of it. It has a rather Halloween look to it, to me anyway!

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