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Frederick, again

Once more Frederick the Duck is my subject of the day.  I got my hands on a new telephoto lens (review coming soon), and spent yesterday afternoon outside, post-snowstorm, trying it out.  Subjects were limited, so one the way home I stopped by Abington to see what Freddy was up to – and of course to drop off another supply of cracked corn.

Frederick was being a brat and wouldn’t come out of his brush-pile cave while I was standing there, so I worked myself to the end of a peninsula nearby, just distant enough that he felt safe and emerged.  I’m not sure what got into him,  but instead of eating he put on a bit of a show – splashing, bobbing, even trying to take flight at one point!

Frederick splashing around

Frederick splashing around

In the past, there’s been a time or two when I’ve gotten right down to ground level and Frederick has taken it upon himself to defend his territory, demonstrating that it is his, and not for me to intrude.  I’m not sure, but I think it has to do with the positioning – when I’m hunched down, or even lying on the ground – he may stop perceiving me as human and instead as some kind smaller, less-intimidating creature.  At which point he tries to intimidate me, strutting around, flapping his wings, and making a general pest of himself.  Albeit it, a very photogenic pest.

Momentarily airborn

Momentarily airborn

Whatever the reasoning, it’s always enjoyable to watch his antics.  Although I’ll point out here that I try my best to do so from a distance, so I don’t cause him any undue stress; these shots were all taken between 200-400mm.  After a few minutes he seemed to settle down, and I said goodbye.  Of course, that’s all the time it took to take almost a hundred shots of him.  The hard part was weeding them down to the very best!


Brent Pennington

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